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SmartKargo Connecting the World’s Airlines with
e-Commerce Demand

The need for speed means higher yields.
Today, every shopping site is looking for a fast, reliable shipping solution for their products. Airlines have both speed and capacity to meet this demand, challenging integrators for the large volumes and yields earned in the shipment and delivery of
e-commerce packages.

Airlines can reap huge rewards inherent in the integration of their Assets and Ground Partners, with new EDI-enabled e-Commerce technology that allows the deployment of an extremely profitable e-Commerce service. In doing so, airlines dramatically increase volumes and earn the higher yields that go with the demand for speed and capacity in

This new technology solution is live and is proving to bring a large increase in the overall contribution of Cargo to the Airline’s bottom line.

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Cargo space on each flight is a perishable commodity. Innovative airlines around the world use SmartKargo to grow and optimally manage their cargo business.  SmartKargo is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

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Our Products

  • SmartKargo Cloud

    End-to-End Cargo Management Software that is so easy to implement and use!
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  • SmartKargo Portal

    Advanced Capability to enable Customer Empowerment and Self Service
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  • RushKargo

    Extending an Airline’s reach to pickup and deliver at the door
    ssr纸飞机节点 电脑
  • 小飞机ssr日本节点

    Expand your network and establish new partnerships using Link API’s
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A team from MIT joined forces with industry experts from leading airlines, express cargo operators, and IATA to create SmartKargo – a uniquely integrated platform that complies with IATA industry standards and best practices, and delivers all required functionality with an outstanding user experience.

Our Team


SmartKargo clients are based in 15 countries
On 4 continents
With more than 5,000 daily departures
Serving 400+ airports
Carrying 30,000+ tons of cargo daily

This is
speed to market.

Spice Jet Airlines deployed a door-to-door SmartKargo solution in less than 12 weeks, start to finish.

Cebu Pacific Air


Cebu Pacific Air booked more than a million cargo shipments in the last 12 months – that’s one booking every minute.

Hawaiian Airlines

This is
ease of use.

Hawaiian Airlines reduced the number of steps to book shipments from 7 to just 1 by changing to SmartKargo.

Norwegian Airlines

This is
speed to market.

Norwegian Airlines uses SmartKargo to create multiple bookings in under 60 seconds. Their freight forwarders send everything electronically, and Norwegian responds in real time.

More Success Stories
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